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JAK3000 Digitally enabled Kirlian Camera


  • Allows you to take Kirlian photographs in video HD and stills
  • Captures full colour Kirlian photographs in fine detail.
  • See the Kirlian corona  in real time then capture the still shot you want.
  • Produce large images without loss of definition
  • Capture one frame or watch the movie.
  • Ideal for direct analysis and interpretation from your computer screen
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    JAK3000 specifications

    • Variable frequency selection with fine control
    • Variable power selection
    • Variable timer
    • Wireless remote control
    • Digital meters
    • Negative/Positive polarity output option
    • Thermal safety trip switch
    • Low voltage universal power input
    • Earth input socket
    • SLR docking station
    • Real time computer digital capture

    Viewing Plate

    • Specially designed photographic 21 x 17cm viewing plate allows daylight arrangement of subjects for remote digital capture.
    • No need for darkroom facilities. Take your Kirlian electrograph anywhere with the minimum of fuss.
    • High specifications allows for accurate repeatability
    • Built with the scientific researcher and the practitioner in mind.
    • Large 21cm x 17cm viewing plate.
    • Live view HD video availability

        Horse Chestnut Flower

      Kirlian Subjects

      • Take Kirlian photographs of any subject that you can place directly on the 21 x 17 cm viewing plate.
      • Hands, feet, crystals, leaves, insects, flowers.
      • Fruit, food, liquids, jewelery, coins etc are all good Kirlian subjects. 
      • To learn more about Kirlian photography GO HERE


      The JAK3000  is guaranteed against the unlikely event of component failure within the first 12 months of purchase. The JAK3000 includes digital readout meters, oscilloscope output socket for accurate measurement of wave form, power and frequency along with frequency fine control dial for greater accuracy and a wireless remote control.

      It comes with a comprehensive user guide to help you set up and start taking Kirlian photographs straight away but we are also happy to arrange a Skype call to help you set up if required.

        Kirlian Apple Photograph
        Kirlian Leaf Photograph

      Kirlian Research and Videos

      • If you would like to see a selection of video’s using the JAK Kirlian camera
      • Our Facebook page for Kirlian photography UK
      • Kirlian Productions video Teaser video


      The JAK  series are the best digitally enabled Kirlian cameras on the market, New orders are being taken now

        JAK3000 Control Panel

        • The JAK3000 measures 60x36x26 and weighs 7Kg
        • The JAK3000   uses digital readout meters and has an oscilloscope output socket for the serious researcher
        • The JAK3000 is digitally enabled to capture still and moving HD Kirlian images
        • Contact us for more details

        Optional Extras


        Shipping Destination

        • your shipping destination is outside of the UK please DO NOT purchase the JAK Kirlian camera by clicking the buy button.
        • Contact us and we will send you an order form and payment details. If you are within the UK we can offer a personal delivery and JAK training  service if requested.
        • Although our Kirlian cameras are user friendly we are happy to provide a JAK operators training hour over Skype if required.
        • Lead time is presently 10 to 14 days from time of order.

        Special Offer

        The JAK3000 – Now £4200 (includes VAT) contact us to place your order

        A Canon SLR digital camera and f/2.0 wide angle lens  are required to interface with the JAK Kirlian cameras. We can supply if required. Contact  us for prices.

        During this promotion we will include an earthing footplate free with every sale.


      Kirlian Analysis

      The JAK3000 will work with any Apple mac or PC desk top and most laptops. For more information about Kirlian photography please go to our FULLSPECTRUM site.

      N.B Please note that all JAK Kirlian cameras are made to order so we can not offer refunds once it has been placed.

      N:B Please note that our Kirlian cameras DO NOT take photographs of the head and shoulders and simulate a multi coloured glow around them using ESR (Electrical Skin Resistance) measurements  from the hands and software to produce the effect.

      Genuine Kirlian cameras take electromagnetic photographs of the hands and feet using electrons and digital technology to capture the process in real time. The resulting HD image shows the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds them. These energy bio-fields are holographic in nature and as such contain meaningful information about the whole person that can be analysed and interpreted by a Kirlian reader. We offer a Kirlian interpretation diploma course for those wanting to learn the Fullspectrum method of reading Kirlian photographs.


      We are presently  offering a free earthing footplate and our Kirlian interpretation 2 module learning course worth over £600 with all sales so you can learn to read your own and other peoples Kirlian photographs. 

      Weight 7 kg

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