ChammChamomile is an emotional remedy , over-sensitive and irritable, everything is unendurable. Fractious teething children who demand things then hurl them away. It is well established as a children’s remedy but is suitable for adults too with a similar temperament and besides themselves with pain.

It is an acute remedy – part of the trio:
Aconite Belladonna Chamomilla. All three remedies come on SUDDENLY and QUICKLY.. this is the Mode of Onset, an important aspect of acute prescriptions All are in turmoil and Chamomilla has turmoil of emotions.

chamomillaremedypictureThey throw their toys out of the pram and demand something else… and this can be in the Board Room as well as the nursery!

Impatient and intolerant and they don’t really know what they want. Ill effects of coffee in those who are sensitive to it.

A rush of adrenaline can feel like a panic attack.

Over-sensitive to pain. Useful in labour when the pains are distressing and the mother is beside herself. Ill effects of anger.

Grass green diarrhoea during teething.

Sleeplessness from turmoil in emotions.