Constipation may be of recent onset or chronic and habitual and may relate to life-style changes. It may be accompanied by a variety of other symptoms, often related to digestion. We really need to deal with the ‘cause’ or the ‘whole picture’ to allow the organism to re-establish flow. Natural approaches to health are based on the belief that the body and mind has the capacity to heal itself if we can provide favourable conditions.

Constipation can be due to lack of bulk (vegetable and fruit fibre) in the diet, insufficient fluids, slow digestion, some drugs or other factors. Overuse of laxatives can lead to constipation as the system reacts to being over-stimulated.

Digestive bitters, of which Dandelion is a star example, tend to stimulate appetite and digestive enzymes and tone the digestive system. Dandelion increases bile flow, is a very gentle laxative and is nutritious. Dandelion leaf is a potassium-rich diuretic.

Dietary adjustments are also very helpful. However if the underlying cause is due to nervous tension then this is what needs treating, and we would consider different herbs, such as Oats and Valerian to calm the nervous system.

If you prefer to look to homoeopathy then we would need to do a consultation. Marjorie Blackie, once the Queen Mother’s physician wrote a wonderful book called The Patient Not the Cure, which is worth reading to understand the concept of individualising.