Cildbirth1The pregnancy programme consists of combinations of the bio-chemical cell salts designed to provide both mother and developing baby with essential elements of nutrition throughout all the stages of pregnancy. The minerals are specially prepared in the 6x potency, according to the method devised by Dr. Schuessler, to ensure ease of assimilation. One tablet is taken twice daily. There are four sets of combinations each of which is taken for one month so that in the 5th month you take the 1st set again. The programme should be started at the beginning of the 2nd month of pregnancy in week 4. Childbirth2The cell salts are combinations of the inorganic mineral salts: calcium fluoride, silica, magnesium phos, ferrum phos, and natrum mur which have been prepared in the usual homoeopathic way. Cell salts go a long way towards ensuring the health and development of both mother and baby during the pregnancy and beyond. During the last 3 months Raspberry leaf tincture can be taken in water to help tone and prepare the uterus for childbirth. During labour homoeopathy is a wonderful gentle medicine that is gentle and safe for baby. 

  • Arnica can reduce bruising to mum and baby and hasten recovery.
  •  Anxiety with trembling responds well to Gelsemium; also indicated for back pain.
  • Acute panic and fright needs Aconite to bring calm.
  • For intolerable pains with irritability a  a dose of Chamomile brings balance.
  • Caullophyllum has often helped where labour keeps stopping and starting with ineffective contractions, out of synch or overdue.
  • For complete exhaustion where the labour is delayed, with weak ineffectual contractions  Kali phos can help get things going again.
  • Once baby is born there is Pulsatilla for weepiness and loss of confidence when the milk comes in;
  • Sepia for low spirits and bonding difficulties
  • Staphysagria for after-effects of episiotomy or caesarian. Staphysagria is an incredibly interesting remedy that is prescribed according to a reaction to an insult leading to a sense of indigation. Of course the insult can be emotional or physical and the body is often under some degree of sedation or distraction when these events occur.

The remedies are chosen on the total symptom picture with mental emotional and physical aspects. Hypericum and Calendula TinctureHypercal tincture is much loved by new mothers; it soothes sore perineal tissue after a tear or episiotomy, brings comfort and hastens healing. Pour a 1 in 4 dilution onto a pad and apply. Refresh as appropriate. Add 1 tablespoon of neat hypercal to bath water. Rose Damask Flower WaterFlower waters are a luxury gift for any mother to be. These 100ml atomisers of pure essence of rose, orange flowers or jasmine emit a fine spray of natural fragrance that is uplifting and hydrating. Flower waters are nice for all and especially nice for anyone experiencing a stressful situation who needs a natural lift, recovering from an operation or during a flight or even during lengthy meetings. A quick spritz is deliciously rejuvenating.