nuxvomNUX VOMICA …poison nut – a remedy of spasms cramps and over-sensitivity

Nux vomica is a remedy that has many uses where the characteristic picture is present. It has been used to treat people suffering from many and various conditions and pains including headaches, asthma, constipation, hay fever, indigestion and many other states. It is a remedy of spasmodic effects and over-sensitivity, late hours, insomnia, head full of worries and plans, waking in the early hours and tired in the morning.

The Nux vom mental state is zealous, precise, pedantic, peppery, argumentative, intolerant and fastidious; passionate, hypersensitive, irritable, over-strained and over-sensitive.

Nux vom is oversensitive to coffee, stimulants, odours. Nux vom types love coffee and stimulants and fatty foods – they are gourmets who love fine foods and wines. It is used for the after-effects of over-indulgence including hangovers and indigestion.

Chilly, during colds and flu and fever cannot get warm, cannot tolerate the chill from the covers being moved – evan a hand out of bed chills them.

Ailments from disappointment,  hurt pride and thwarted ambition – fear of loss – fear of poverty

Headaches – from indulgence, worries, late hours, coffee, alcohol and stimulants: Worse early morning; feels as if forehead would burst – wants to lean against something for relief.

Colds – nose stuffy – come in in cold dry weather – nose runs freely during the day and stuffs up at night ; nose runs profusely in open air and stuffs up indoors; Colds with headaches and chilliness. One nostrils runs freely.  Colds start with lots of sneezing and itchy nostrils. Snuffly babies

Shallow oppressed breathing with sense of constriction and disordered stomach; asthma with sense of flatulence better from expelling wind;  tight dry cough with bursting headache;

Indigestion, heaviness, food lies like a stone, feels as if wants to vomit for relief but cannot; Feels worse an hour or two after having eaten.
Loves coffee, tea, wine, stimulants, spicy foods, beer, fats and rich foods.

Constipation, piles, lack of expulsive power or spasmodic peristalsis; Dyspeptic gourmets;

Bad-tempered, jealous children who tend to give a younger sibling a quick thump when no-one’s looking.

Out of tune – at odds with environment – will tear off a button while dressing if it doesn’t go right.

Nausea with acidity and sour risings and water rash.

Spasms and cramps;  Crampy spasmodic period pains with profuse early flow. Inefficient labour pains:

Sleepless – mind full of thoughts difficult to relax – wake in early hours of morning and find it difficult to get back to sleep. Often wake thinking of problems – mainly money and business problems.

Tend to migraines – with liverishness and irritability.

Intense itching.

Irritable from sympathy. – Hassling children who get angry if they don’t get their own way.

Worse from cold dry winds < early morning < from uncovering < rich foods < stimulants < drugs < coffee < strong odours < alcohol < pressure of clothes around the waist  < mornings

Better from: free discharges > rest  >  covering head  > warm milk > hot drinks > fats > In warm rainy weather