pulsatillaPulsatilla Nigricans…Anenome pulsatilla…The windflower

Pulsatilla is often useful in people suffering from hayfever, coughs and colds, conjunctivitis, styes, earaches, travel sickness, sadness, skin eruptions, aching joints, tummy upsets as well as sundry other conditions when the characteristic state is present.. the patient often feels emotional and sad, perhaps a bit sorry for themself, wants sympathy, attention and company, easily tearful. Please help me aura. Dry mouth without thirst is usual. Cannot bear greasy foods. Changeable symptoms, aches, pains and other symptoms change place. Tends to cataarh with thick yellow green discharge. Chilly but wants cool air, and gentle movement and much relieved by cool breeze and slowly moving about.

Pulsatilla troubles and symptoms often begin at puberty. Menses are usually scanty or delayed and may take months to settle into a pattern.

Pulsatilla is useful for indigestion and dyspepsia after over-indulgence in fatty foods and party foods and cream cakes

Sensation of heat and swelling, tearful sympathetic emotional, complaints from getting wet and getting feet wet, colds, earaches, catarrh, wilts in hot sunshine

Pulsatilla wants company, sympathy and reassurance

Fear of the dark and being alone. Pulsatilla children want a nightlight and Company

Can be picky eaters feel worse from rich and fatty foods, cream and pastries though they may like them

Not thirsty

New mothers especially when the milk comes in and feeling tearful and wanting help