37. Cerato  (Ceratostigma willmottiana) (Plumbago)

Group: Uncertainty

Flowering period: August September

Indications: For those who do not trust their own ability to make decisions & repeatedly ask the advice of others.

Negative State: Distrust of self’s wisdom Doubts self Relies on opinions of others Seeks advice Needs approval Seeks to please Weak sense of identity

Positive Attribution: Trust in the inner voice or intuition brings certainty and ease in going forward.

Quote/Image: If you can keep your head while all around are losing their’s Rudyard Kipling

‘… train your intuition…trust the small voice inside of you which tells you exactly what to say and what to do’   Ingrid Bergman

‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant – We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift’  Albert Einstein.

‘The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward.’   Amelia Earha

Uncertainty drives the Cerato state sufferer to constantly seek advice of others and yet the answer can never seem to satisfy them for long so that they will ask again and again without ever feeling certain enough to take a decisive step forward. They are trapped in indecision and mistrust.  Cerato flower remedy brings confidence in making decisions and trusting the outcome to be beneficial.

A human being has both an outer self and an inner self – a conscious mind with senses turned toward the world of the senses and an unconscious mind with  inner senses of creative imagination and it could even be said that we humans are mostly imagination for what we imagine ourself to be is usually what we become. Everything in the world pulses and rocks and vibrates with rhythms and flows and we humans inhabit worlds that are full of wonderful rhythms of sleep and waking, seasons, days and nights, ebbing and flowing of tides and moon trails and within our bodies are rhythms of inhalation and exhalation and probably many more cellular rhythms than we know about and all these things follow their rhythms with elegant precision.  Brain and heart rhythms create measurable electromagnetic fields that interact with other fields. Humans can and do get out of rhythm. Besides the full day – night – sleep wake cycle there are other subtle cycles that keep us held in balance.

We are subject to Ultradian rhythms which occur every 90 minutes of so and it seems that the tendency of the natural human is to focus the awareness and attention outward into the world for 90 minutes and then balance this with a few minutes of turning the attention inwards for refreshment.  Another way of thinking of this is that we humans are a bit like magnets with a positive and negative pole and perfect poise results from moving within and without. When we spend too long focused outward into the world we are in the positive phase of energy. Every so often we turn inward in quiet and then we are in the negative phase of energy. Truly both are as important as the other. Not everybody has a 90 minute cycle for we are all individuals but we all have cycles.  This is why the tea=break was introduced for workers in the early 20th century – because it was noted that alternating rest with work = more productive workers .because they were refreshed. When we close our eyes and relax and turn awareness away from the outer senses we have an opportunity to ‘plug into the mainframe’ —- this is electric with creative ideas impulses and inspirations. Truths coming from here tend to stay the same – whereas the information from the outer world is unpredictable and ever changing and is certainly not so reliable.

The person suffering from the Cerato state is out of touch with their intuition. Their rhythm is out of kilter so that the attention is on the outer world too long – this is tiring  and robs the person of power.  Cerato really wants to do their best but doesn’t know what to do for the best amid the conflicting opinions and points of view that could be adopted. First here then there and no-where certainty. The gift of Cerato is the gift of intuition an inner ‘knowing’ that allows for stability even in the midst of uncertainty.