38. Gentian    (Gentiana amarelle)

Group: Uncertainty

Flowering time: August September

Indication: Discouragement Doubting Depressing thoughts

Negative state: Looks on the dark side Doubting Gives up easily after slightest setback or disappointment. Lacks faith. Discouraged easily. Depressed.  Disheartened. refuses to make a fresh attempt. It’s no use attitude. What’s the point?

Positive attribution: Faith Hope Optimism Determination Perseverance

Quote/Image: When life gives you lemons make lemonade. Stumbling stones become stepping stones by changing umb to epp.

Notes:  Not yet found

Gentian is a state of hopelessness where all appears pointless due to setbacks. Disappointments are taken hard and the state of discouragement appears where the person makes little effort to find improvement. The flower brings the light of optimism and the ability to persevere.