This current version of Roaring Twenties has certainly roared into the Earthworld like a whirlwind of mixed messages, the winds are blowing in all sorts of directions. What does it all mean and where are we going and is it all over yet and can we go back to normal – and what is normal anyway – suddenly we realise that what we had didn’t fit that word and we don’t really know how to make sense of it and nobody else seems to either so all we have left is out ability to pretend. The word I believe is dissemble. It means to look like what we’re not feeling inside. Sometimes you have to look at things from half way up the stairs by the light of the stars to get a new creative perspective.  We are all making sense of the currents in our own ways. My initial feeling was Uncertainty.. for those who view Uncertainty as worse than being pursued by lions & tigers, it is a bad, restless, sleepless night feeling.

But the thing about 2020 is, the uncertainty didn’t let up! You cannot stay in one state for too long – it gives way to something else & for me that meant listening and I think I heard that the Soul of the World just ain’t putting up with my shenanigans any longer & its telling me to view the world in a more beautiful light.

A person can’t just sit & muse on purpose and meaning for so very long without getting the prompt to Not Just SIt There – Do Something! 2020 gave us the final shove to close the bricks ‘n’ mortar shop & consultation back room that housed all our stuff, years of it. Positive Medicine shop and consultation room in Lindfield had absolutely rocked with laughter over the years and often functioned as a gathering place like a corner shop with our lovely customers popping in to stock up with winter tonics – Aconite Bryonia Sponiga Thyme & Liquorice Elderberry & Echinacea – and sometimes just to chat away a pleasant half an hour. It was good and we met new friends really often as many arrived as strangers and quickly became friends. But all things change and give way to new conditions.

It felt time to close the shop – clearly having to close for months and then close again after a busy few Summer weeks was a signal to close one door & open a new door. Lots of closings and openings occured and not without a few backward glances. Luckily we found somewhere else to hold consultations and meetings in our friend’s garden studio in Ferring – which has the thing we missed all those Lindfield years – 20 years ! – a loo! In Ferring there is a loo!. and it has a nice green handsoap dispenser that our friend bought specially from Ikea….but we had to have a thorough clear out in the process.  So, we have dug out all those thousands of Electrographs – kirlian ‘subtle energy’ photographs – of hands – fruits-words-veg-symbols-crystals-and so on – and we are making them available for sale.

So far we’ve made them an Etsy Shop show-case and next we shall put them on dear old Positive Medicine website to keep company with the tinctures creams and oils. We are having fun with the images. Remembering why we love them. Everything is Light – we need to keep our spirits light – it helps to surround ourselves with inspiring images and things. Let there be Light. And stay curious & think freely. x