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Nigel Hutchings


We have just rebranded all our products with new labels. Its the same quality organic products with a new look. We hope you like it.


Nigel and his wife Susan believe that good health is a positive state of being rather than just an absence of physical symptoms and so they started one of the first holistic health centres in the UK in 1980 to provide this kind of health care. They trained in Homoeopathy and Hypnotherapy and developed a unique psychotherapeutic approach to wellbeing and mental health. Since then they have practised in Brighton, London and West Sussex.

During this time, they started to sell and promote products which they found had helped many of their clients. This gave birth to the Positive Medicine web shop which has been providing customers with a range of organic creams, herbal tinctures and aromatic waters for over 20 years. We trust you will find something to suit you within this range.

Nigel is a senior hypnotherapy practitioner and is  registered with GHC (General Hypnotherapy Register) and the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council)