Arnica Cream 50ml


Arnica, the herb of choice for treatment of bumps, bruises, strains and sprains. Arnica has been used for many years in creams, oils and tinctures for reducing pain and bruises. Arnica improves the local blood supply and speeds healing. Traditionally used in dilution by homeopaths for shock and injury.



Used by those suffering the effects of falls, over-exerted muscles, bruises, sprained ankles and pulled tendons. Do not use on broken skin. Calendula is suitable on skin that is grazed, cracked or raw.


Arnica has been used extensively in Europe. Many herbalists consider arnica to be a specific remedy for bruises , sprains, and sore muscles.Used by hill climbers for aches and bruises received in their endeavours. Found growing in the foothills on the mountain slopes. Hence known as the “mountain daisy”, The flower has bright, yellow daisy-like petals that appear throughout the summer months.  The cream is made from the whole flowering plant. Arnica usage dates back to folk medicine of the mid century to ease pain, which is still one of its main uses to this day. Great for muscle soreness, aches, sprains, joint pain and swelling, Arnica has an anti-inflammatory effect that supports tissue repair. It is also proven to reduce swelling and discolouration from bruises. Arnica flowers, fresh or dried, are used medicinally.  A few drops of arnica tincture added to warm water in a foot bath will relieve fatigue and soothe sore feet.


Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the reabsorption of blood in bruised tissue. Generally taken as a homeopathic remedy for bruises, shock and injury. Also used in a cream for bruises. Studies have show that arnica has antimicrobial  and anti-inflammatory properties


Botanical Name: Arnica Montana
Common Names: Wolfsbane; Fall herb: Leopard’s Bane
Habitat: Mountains and woods in Central Europe, the Pyrenees, Siberia, Canada, Northern USA.
Family: Compositae

Apply to affected part and gently rub in. Do not apply to broken skin.

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