Bilberry Tincture 1:3 100ml


Bilberry tincture improves eyesight, memory, and circulation. Bilberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants as well as being good sources of Magnesium and Vitamin C.


Bilberry tincture Bilberry

The Bilberry is a small bush that produces blue berries and is native to Britain and Europe and is used to make bilberry organic tincture. While the Blueberry is very similar it has small differences and is native to North America. Overall bilberries are richly nutritious, containing a range of vitamins.

Pilots report improved night vision.

Research really began during the Second World War after pilots reported improved night vision after eating the bilberry jam. Of course this was very popular at that time of food rationing.  Since then clinical trials have discovered many more healthy benefits in bilberries, especially improved blood flow. Thus Bilberry tincture has a protective and healing effect on the capillaries and peripheral circulation. Bilberry tincture also has a healing effect on inflammation.  The healing, protective, and anti-inflammatory affect on the peripheral circulation and ability to strengthen capillaries of the micro-circulation improves eyesight. It is also healing to the retina, helps the memory, and benefits the circulation.  Thus many circulatory problems improve with Bilberry tincture as it has a circulatory and anti-inflammatory healing action.

Bilberry as a superfood

In recent years Bilberry has developed a reputation as a  superfood. This began with the discovery of its effect on night vision. This was further stimulated by the discovery that it has one of the highest levels of anti-oxidant activity of all foods. The high antioxidant content is responsible for many of the reported health benefits of bilberry. The tincture has been found to improve memory.  Bilberries have many virtues and are good examples of the benefit of using whole foods, herbs and berries in your diet. They have healing benefits, as well as an affinity for specific bodily systems. This all works together to contribute to the strengthening and healing effects of Bilberry. Research has shown that Bilberries are anti-hyperglycaemic, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and contain anti-cancer properties. They can also help memory by improving blood circulation in the brain. This helps to maintain a healthy heart and blood flow. Besides the health benefits of the berries they are also pleasant to take in tincture form.


Bilberries are a nutritious wild food . The first mention of their medicinal use appears in the works of Abbess Hildegarde of Bingen. She was a 12th Century visionary nun who was an herbalist, artist and author. She recommended Bilberry for several purposes, including as a menstrual and respiratory tonic. Considered a valuable treatment in the 16 century for digestive upsets & scurvy, probably due to its high Vitamin C levels.


Bilberries are a natural source of anthocyanins. Other compounds in the plant’s dark blue pigment are powerfully antioxidant and protect delicate tissues. An Italian trial used Bilberry and Vitamin E on people developing cataracts. In fact the result stopped the progression of the cataracts in 97%. of the people. They positively effect micro-circulation. Since 1964 research has produced promising results for Bilberry’s positive effect on micro-circulation and improvement in peripheral blood flow. In 2004 Agnes Rimando presented a paper reporting on three new compounds called stilbenes. Found in the blue pigment of Bilberries and Blueberries called Piceattanal, Reserveratrol and Pterostilbene. Subsequently these compounds have been found to lower LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol and triglycerides by a similar action to cholesterol-lowering drugs called fibrates.  According to scientists the compound pterostilbene triggers a mechanism that causes the breaking down of the lipids, fats and cholesterol. New studies have been done a selection of people in their seventies with early signs of memory loss. So, these seem to suggest that blueberries are really effective at helping improve and maintain good memories.

General information

Botanical name: Vaccinium myrtillus Common names: European blueberry, whortleberry, huckleberry, and blaeberry Family: Vaccinium Habitat: Heaths, meadows, and moist forests Parts used: Fruit Tincture Strength: 3:1

Dose Take 10 – 20 drops in water 2 – 3x daily or as instructed by your health care provider.

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