Elderflower Tincture 1:3 100ml


Elderflower tincture benefits

Elderflowers are a traditional remedy for the relief of the symptoms of coughs, colds and flu, allergies and hay fever.


Elderflower Tincture BenefitsElderflower tincture benefits

Elderflower tincture relieves feverishness by lowering temperatures, stimulating elimination through perspiration and releasing congestion in the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. Elderflower tincture thus helps to balance the circulation through relieving congestion and increasing sweating. This action in herbal medicines is called diaphoretic and refers to medicines that induce a fine sweat to help dissipate the buildup of heat.

Colds and flu remedy

Elderflower is an essential element of a classic herbal mix often used with peppermint and echinacea for colds, flu and mild fevers. Elderflower tincture can bring relief from catarrh, congestion and allergies and also benefits the respiratory system.  In recent years Elderflower tincture has become a popular treatment for pollen and grass allergies during the hay fever season.  Nettle tincture is another wonderful herb to relieve allergies during hay fever season. You can also combine Elderflower with Echinacea to use as a treatment for some ear infections.

Elderflower Tincture for congestion

 Elderflower tincture relieves congestion of the upper respiratory passages, the sinuses, eustachian tubes and nose. Homeopaths use Sambuca nigra in tiny doses as a treatment for snuffly colds and congestion.

Elderflower drinks

Elderflowers blossom in May and June. The flowers make a delicious cooling drink and are used in lemonades, wines and elderflower champagne. A few drops of the tincture in water also makes a nice cool drink.

History of Elderflower Tincture

In herbal medicine and folklore, the Elderflower is a traditional remedy for colds, flu and respiratory congestion and inflammations. Ancient romans used Elderflower for its many healing benefits. Also Native Americans treated respiratory and skin conditions with medicines made from Elderflowers. Country people made cooling drinks and cordials from Elderflowers and in olden days the Elder tree was commonly known as the medicine chest of the country people. In the early 20th Century elderflower water was a popular skin tonic for clearing the complexion.


Rutin & Quercetin are antioxidant flavonoids that are thought to be mainly responsible for the therapeutic properties. Quercetin opposes histamine.


Botanical name: Sambucus nigra
Common Names: Elderflower
Family: Caprifoliaceae
Parts used: Fresh flowers
Habitat: It is native to Europe

10 – 20 drops in water 3 x dail.                   Tincture Strength: 1:3:25% vol.alc.


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