Horse Chestnut Organic Cream 60ml & 120ml


Horse chestnut is a traditional botanical remedy for the relief of varicose veins and heavy legs. Horse chestnuts contain the saponins, Aesculin and Aescin which stimulate regeneration of weakened veins, increase elasticity of vein walls, invigorate the circulation and reduce inflammation. Positive medicine organic horse chestnut cream also contains extracts of witch hazel and yarrow and essential oils of lemon, lavender and cypress, all natural remedies with a reputation for supporting the veins and additionally make this cream smell wonderfully fragrant.


Horse chestnut creamHorse Chestnut brings relief from varicose veins and helps heal broken veins or spider veins and tightens and strengthens vein walls, which helps to restrict fluid leakage into surrounding tissues. Horse chestnut seed, rich in the saponins aesculin and aesculus, has many positive effects on the venous system that help to relieve pain, heaviness, weakness, restlessness and swelling caused by weakened veins, and to restore elasticity. For this purpose it may well be useful to also use the tissue salt Calc fluor.

Horse chestnut may even have anti-ageing properties according to Middlesex University report on Pubmed which cited Horse chestnut as a potent antioxidant, a super-scavenger of free radicals that is possibly more cell-protective than even vitamin E.

The Cochrane Library, and independent international organisation, has published a systematic review of horse chestnut capsules This review found 17 controlled trials of horse chestnut for CVI. The trials used different symptoms to evaluate the extract. Most trials found horse chestnut more beneficial than placebo. The Cochrane Library  is available without charge when accessing the internet within Ireland (

For example, horse chestnut relieved pain better than placebo in six of the seven trials. In four of six trials measuring leg swelling, horse chestnut was significantly better.

Four of eight trials found horse chestnut reduced itching. Two studies compared horse chestnut extract to compression stockings, and found them equally effective in relieving leg pain. (Quote – Irish Times)

Apply sparingly to affected area night and morning. Gently massage into skin in an upwards direction.

Positive medicine horse chestnut cream is very popular with many of our customers. They often tell us how much they like it and recommend it to their friends. Horse chestnut cream helps tone the veins, restore firmness and reduce redness. 

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  1. Nigel

    Really really nice cream. Helps a lot with my poor legs.

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