Hypercal Tincture 1:3 – 100ml


Hypercal tincture is a 50/50 blend of Calendula buds and Hypericum flowers and leaves

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Hyper1Notes: Hypercal tincture is used as a natural organic antiseptic healer and has historically been used wherever nerves were affected.  It is thought to favour clean healing of deeper tissue and is therefore preferred to Calendula alone in such wounds.

Calendula and comfrey have a reputation for healing surface tissue much faster and are therefore more suitable for superficial wounds.

Hypercal tincture is usually used in a 1:4 ratio, one part hypercal to 4 parts cooled boiled water as a healing lotion.

Hypercal is frequently recommended for pregnant ladies and new mums for wound healing, torn and sore tissues after episiotomies and caesarian. It is used diluted in warm water, on a pad, for the perineal tissues after childbirth. Alternatively a tablespoon of neat tincture can be added to a shallow bath.

HyperBotanical names: Calendula officinalis + Hypericum perforatum
Common names: St Johns wort – English marigold
Family: Hypericaceae Asteraceae
Tincture Strength:1:3  vol.alc. 25%
Dose: Pour a little onto a pad and apply neat or diluted in water 1:4  Add a tablespoon of neat hypercal tincture to a shallow bath.                                         Habitat: Europe and naturalised in America

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2 reviews for Hypercal Tincture 1:3 – 100ml

  1. Joanna (Wells, Somerset)

    Hypercal – Thanks for a great product – the super combo of hypericum and calendula – great for all kinds of cuts and abrasions and good mixed with salt water for soaking wounds.

  2. Susan


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