Organic Hypercal Tincture 1:3 – 100ml


Organic HyperCal tincture is a 50/50 blend of extracts of Calendula buds and Hypericum flowers and leaves. The combined properties of these two healing plants stimulate the healing impulse and make a soothing cleansing naturally antiseptic lotion for sore, irritated or injured skin. Hypercal is valued by new mothers after childbirth for healing tissues. Diluted in water it makes a good mouthwash for mouth ulcers, sore gums, after dental surgery and a gargle to help heal sore throats.


Hypercal is a blend of Calendula and Hypericum botanicals extracted in water and ethyl alcohol.  This lotions has many uses, particularly in the treatment of skin wounds and sore places.   Dr Dorothy Shepherd was a doctor and homoeopath of the early twentieth century who worked in the London slums, She wrote about her experiences with Calendula and Hypericum in the book A Physician’s Posy, telling stories of how these herbal tinctures helped her save lives. Sometime during the latter twentieth century, these  complementary herbs were combined to produce Hypercal.  Calendula is the brightly coloured English Marigold known as the Sunshine herb, and is a powerful and essential component of the herbal first-aid kit.

Calendula furthers healing and inhibits the growth of  micro-organisms, which is called bacteriostatic. This is subtly different from an anti-bacterial which refers to a substance that actively eliminates bacteria. Bacteriostatic refers to a tendency to make an area unsuitable for the growth of bacteria. Imagine the difference when dealing with unwanted weeds in a garden.. weed-killers eradicate weeds whereas organic gardening methods change the soil making the environment unsuitable for the unwanted plant.

Hypericum has a particular affinity with nerves, both internal and external and is also known as St John’s Wort, a popular herb for depression and strained nervous system. Thus, this herb stimulates healing impulses to bruised or wounded nerves where  injuries involve parts rich in nerves such as the fingertips.

HyperCal is popular new mums as a soothing cleansing and healing treatment for torn and sore tissues after childbirth from tearing, episiotomies or Simply pour Hypercal diluted in warm water onto  a pad and apply to the perineal tissues after childbirth, changing pad regularly. You can also pour a tablespoon of neat tincture into a shallow bath to bring relief. is preserved in alcohol and will sting if used neat so it is usually used in a 1:4 ratio, one part hypercal to 4 parts cooled boiled water as a healing lotion.

You can make a  mouthwash for sore, spongy or infected gums or mouth ulcers by adding about 10 drops to a small tumblerful of water.. This diluted mouthwash is also good for sore throats.

HyperBotanical names: Calendula officinalis + Hypericum perforatum
Common names: St Johns wort – English marigold
Family: Hypericaceae Asteraceae
Tincture Strength:1:3  vol.alc. 25%
Habitat: Europe and naturalised in America

Apply to affected area neat or diluted in water 1:4 for a cleansing & healing wash.
Add a tablespoon of neat hypercal t to a shallow bath. Add 10 drops to a small tumblerful of water to use as a mouthwash.


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  1. Joanna (Wells, Somerset)

    Hypercal – Thanks for a great product – the super combo of hypericum and calendula – great for all kinds of cuts and abrasions and good mixed with salt water for soaking wounds.

  2. Susan


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