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Kirlian Complete Package

A complete Kirlian package with all required equipment, training and support documents such as fliers, interpretation maps and support. See below for what is included.

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Package Includes:

[list type=”arrow”][li]JAK3000 Kirlian Camera[/li][li]Canon SLR Digital camera[/li][li]35mm f2.0 wide angle lens[/li][li]Software Package[/li][li]Soft light cover[/li][li]Stabilising Earthing Foot Plate[/li][li]10 Kirlian Hand Map cards[/li][li]Ongoing support and assistance[/li][li]Diploma course in understanding and reading Kirlian photographs[/list]

This is a complete business in a box and we will assist you every step of the way in our tried and tested methods of sales and marketing.

N:B Please note that the JAK3000 Kirlian camera DOES NOT take photographs of your head and shoulders and simulate a multi coloured glow around them using ESR (Electrical Skin Resistance) measurements  from the hands and software to produce the effect.

Genuine Kirlian cameras take electromagnetic photographs of the hands and feet using electrons and digital technology to capture the process in real time. The resulting HD image shows the actual electromagnetic energy field that surrounds them. These energy bio-fields are holographic in nature and as such contain meaningful information about the whole person that can be analysed and interpreted by a Kirlian reader. We offer a Kirlian interpretation diploma course for those wanting to learn the Fullspectrum method of reading Kirlian photographs.

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