Rosemary Flower Water Atomiser


Rosemary is  a stimulating refreshing herb used in skin care to qualities in skin & hair preparations to promote strong healthy new hair growth & clear healthy skin.  Rosemary herb is great for focusing the attention, and stimulates the mind and body in a surprisingly relaxing way. Just spray into the air surrounding you to breathe in this centring fragrance for study & concentration. Also use in rinsing water after washing hair, massage into scalp to increase circulation & combat headaches  and spray onto the face for  healthy tonic benefits.

Rosemary flower water

Rosemary flower water is centring, calming & invigorating.  Rosemary is an awakening herb that helps focus the mind on the present and sharpens the memory, making this an ideal preparation to use during exams & revision. This fragrant essence comes in a handy PET or glass bottle with spray atomiser so you can spray your skin for a lovely tonic effect. You can also spray around to scent the air to breathe the benefits. The scent of rosemary is strongly fresh herbal and woody.

Rosemary was the chief ingredient in the recipe for Queen of Hungary Water, a thirteenth century perfume. This refreshingly zingy fragrance is good for remembrance and good for the brain, memory & presence of mind. Rosmarinus officinalis is an evergreen bushy shrub which grows along the Mediterranean Sea, and sub-Himalayan areas. It is an antispasmodic, mild analgesic, to cure intercostal neuralgia, headaches, migraine, insomnia emotional upset, and depression.

Remember that herbs and flowers have many uses, and rosemary has a variety of uses and benefits. Rosemary is beneficial for healthy skin & hair, and has long been valued for its invigorating qualities in skin & hair preparations to promote strong healthy new hair growth & clear healthy skin.  Rosemary stimulates and strengthens the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Aromatic flower hydrosol waters are a steam distillation of the whole plant. Naturally extracting molecules of the essence into the resulting flower hydrosol water

Rosemary herb is a rich source of ursolic acid; often referred to as the anti-ageing polyphenol because it may help restore the skin's collagen bundles and elasticity. Furthermore, rosemary can stimulate the skin's biological activity and cell growth, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Spray on skin or hair to freshen and enliven. Use as room spray to awaken the mind.

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