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Aquavibe is state of the art spa equipment. This unique sensory sound water bed is designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience. During the experience you merge with the vibrations of musical rhythms, tones & natural sounds. At the same time light frequencies immerse you in a colour spectrum creating an impression of synaesthesia. As a result you let go of body tension allowing your mind to open up to new experiences.


Aquavibe is an effective and amazing means of stress relief and relaxation. It is a State-of-the-art sensory sound waterbed designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience. Sound and light vibrations combine to gently massage the body, increase blood flow and stimulate cells. It is the ultimate spa equipment designed for relaxation of both mind and body.

What happens?

During an AquaVibe session you see, hear and feel beautiful soundscapes, as pure sine waves massage all the cells in your body. You experience a whole body sound wave massage. This is sensory saturation at its best, occupying three of the main communication channels of the mind; seeing, feeling and hearing.

What does it do?

This gently entrains your senses into a harmonic synergy, releasing your mind from its habitual preoccupations, resulting in you dropping into a state of mindfulness that has been likened by many to deep meditation and to others as an altered state of consciousness. 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week aids weight loss, burns fat, improves flexibility, enhances blood flow, reduces muscle soreness after exercise, builds strength and decreases the stress hormone cortisol.

Where is Aquavibe spa equipment?

An Aquavibe experience is available at Fairmont Windsor Park Bishopsgate Rd, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0YL


spa equipment


AquaVibe spa equipment merges the vibrations of musical rhythms, tones & natural sounds, with pure light, immersing you in a colour spectrum creating an impression of synaesthesia.

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  1. odette

    I have now had 2 experiences on the Aqua Vibe with both being slightly different but extremely good. First experience seemed or did, create space between the cells allowing that which was not wanted or required to leave with ease, thus allowing a natural neutrality of void to be filled as desired. The second experience was like a gentle stretching of mind body and spirit descending into deeper levels of consciousness and unawareness, until being carried back up to the surface with such softness and grace. One of the more profound effects of the Aqua Vibe has been sleep. I am now getting to sleep quicker, sleeping deeper and waking far more refreshed than before. So many benefits still unfolding…..I look forward to my next session.

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