St Johns Wort Tincture 100ml – 1:3 45% vol. alc


Organic St Johns Wort tincture is useful in nervous problems with moderate depression, anxiety, tension & insomnia.


St Johns Wort Tincture

St Johns Wort tincture is useful in nervous problems with anxiety, tension & insomnia. It is useful as a nerve restorative & can be helpful in reducing attacks of herpes. Additionally, St. John’s Wort tincture has anti-inflammatory properties and is strongly anti-viral. Known by its botanical name of Hypericum, when used externally as an anti-septic vulnerary it protects against tetanus & septicaemia. Also useful for puncture wound, stings and animal bites. Hypercal is a combination of Hypericum and Calendula.


St Johns wort has been documented by Hippocrates, Pliny, Dioscorides, Galen, Paracelsus, Gerard and Culpepper. Dioscorides wrote that this herb was good for balance and equilibrium.
Culpepper’s herbal describes St. Johns Wort as a wound healing herb that was also useful against stings and bites. Since the 16th century this herb has been extensively used for wounds, bites and bruises and particularly nerve injuries.


In 1996 the BMJ published a meta-analysis of 23 randomised trials which demonstrated effectiveness of st Johns wort in depression. The Centre for Complementary Health Studies in Exeter made a critical assessment of 18 clinical trials n St Johns Wort.
They concluded that 11 studies met the rigorous acceptable criteria and that St Johns Wort was superior to placebo. Also it is equally as effective as the standard medication in mild to moderate depression. Subsequently trials have confirmed the effects. The anti-viral properties of this herb are the subject of intense ongoing research. (Gulick.Ann.Int.Med.1999)
In 15 clinical trials volunteers given placebo exhibited more side effects than those who got the st. john’s wort: In a Study by German scientists on the efficacy of St Johns Wort or Hypericum used externally. 2nd & 3rd degree burns healed 3 x faster when treated with St Johns Wort.
However, St. John’s wort can inhibit the effectiveness of some drugs. So if this is a concern to you, advice should be sought of a medical practitioner


Botanical name: Hypericum perforatium Common names: St Johns Wort Family: Hypericaceae Habitat: Hypericum is native to Europe and many countries with a temperate climate Parts used: Aerial parts Tincture Strength: 1:3:45% vol.alc.

: Dose: 10 – 20 drops in water 3 x daily

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