Valerian tincture

“I received this morning a bottle of your Valerian. May I say I can’t recommend it highly enough. It is so much stronger and purer than any I have tried before. It is really quite amazing. I am totally relaxed. Thank you.”

Great Service

“Congratulations on providing a great service and running what really seems to be a positive business; and thank you, it’s appreciated all the more in these days when ‘customer service’ is so often something one has to fight...

Hypercal Tincture

“Hypercal – Thanks for a great product – the super combo of hypericum and calendula – great for all kinds of cuts and abrasions and good mixed with salt water for soaking wounds.”

Joanna 2

Healing and Soothing Spray is a staple in our first aid kit – it is so useful for any scratch or bite – easy to apply and brings instant...


Customer service –  You are great with prompt advice directing me to the right product and you always seem to manage to get what I need into the post the same day – thank...

Comfrey Cream

“I wish to say just how wonderful your comfrey cream is.  I use every day as a face cream.  It sinks right in, does not leave the skin oily or greasy and I truly believe that it strengthens the connective tissue at a cellular level.   If for any reason, namely...


“Very impressed with your products, very effective and so far, it has been next day delivery, not many can achieve that :)”

Healing & Soothing

“I take Positive Medicine’s Healing and Soothing cream everywhere with me. Great for any cuts, bruises or stings, does exactly what the name says.”