Meet Nigel Hutchings The Practitioner

Nigel believes good health goes beyond the absence of physical symptoms. In 1986, he founded one of the first holistic health centers in the UK, dedicated to providing comprehensive health care for everyone. Trained in Homoeopathy and Hypnotherapy and practised in meditation and mindfulness from his travels to India, Nigel developed a unique hypnotherapeutic approach to well-being and mental health. He has practiced in Brighton, London, and West Sussex and is a senior hypnotherapy Ericksonian practitioner, registered with the GHC and CNHC. Join Nigel on a journey to positive well-being and mental health. To make an appointment to see him please tel: 07531 831308

Nigel also offers Face-time or WhatsApp video call consultations for all clients. If you would like to take advantage of this telephone, text or WhatsApp Susie on 07531 831308 giving a preferred day and time that would suit you and the platform you would like to use. Once agreed Nigel will call you by Face-time or WhatsApp on the agreed day and at the agreed time. If you would like to speak with Nigel first ring the same number and ask Susie to arrange this for you.



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Treatment Fees

While we have endeavoured to make our fees as fair as we can we understand that some people may still find this too much of a stretch for them. As we do not wish to exclude any one from having holistic treatment we do offer concessions where there is need so if required please talk to us about this and we will do our best to make it affordable for you.

Consultation Fees

Video call and telephone consultation fees

Video call consultation fees are £50 for the hour, Home visits are £75 for the hour payable by cash on the day or BACS on-line payment or card payment over the phone. If remedies are prescribed they will be charged for separately and sent by post.

Face to Face Consultations – £65

For those that prefer a face to face consultation I will be at the ……………..on Wednesdays or to make a home visit appointment at your convenience Tel or text Susie on 07531 831 308

Unless you request a specific therapeutic approach, Nigel will use any or all of the skills he has available that he thinks will meet your needs and help you achieve your aims

Registration & Qualifications

Nigel is a senior hypnotherapy Ericksonian practitioner and is registered with GHC (General Hypnotherapy Register) and the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council)

He is also a trained Rudolph Steiner teacher (Dip HE (Steiner) and a qualified homoeopath (DipHM) and a certified NLP (Cert NLP) practitioner.

Over the course of many years Nigel has developed a profound and practical approach to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and has used a combination of the skills he holds to deliver this transformational mind training to his clients with great success.