Therapies - NLP


Nigel also uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming within his hypnotherapeutic approach which is a powerful set of thinking skills designed to facilitate rapid change in the brain. Its primary goal is to help the mind release limiting beliefs and construct positive, effective alternatives to negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

More Choices

Consider NLP as a toolbox of psychological instruments that, once acquired, empower individuals to lead more fulfilling and successful lives. It is a practical and results-oriented approach, emphasizing the capability to produce desired outcomes, ultimately enabling proficiency in shaping one’s future.

Hypnotherapeutic NLP

This type of hypnotherapy which includes NLP provides the means to change, adopt, or eliminate behaviours according to your preferences, granting you the ability to choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being. It opens up a realm of possibilities, offering you more choices regarding your behaviour and emotions. Whether you seek to enhance relationships, improve communication, or elevate your thinking for better results, hypnotherapeutic NLP presents a step-by-step framework to guide you towards achieving these goals and beyond

To experience the positive changes hypnotherapy and NLP can bring, make an appointment to see Nigel or have an informal telephone chat with him first. The journey toward positive change is just a phone call away on 07531 831308.