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Aquavibe is no longer available at the new practice.

Aquavibe is now available at the light cafe in Vienna and at the Sofitel Hotel Spa at T5 Heathrow London. The sensory sound Zero gravity chair has taken its place at the White Cottage practice in Ferring, West Sussex. It gives the transformational therapist a powerful way of delivering change messages directly to the subconscious mind. Here the positive outcomes and the changes you desire can be experienced in a deeply profound way.

What is AquaVibe?

Aquavibe®™  is a state of the art sensory sound waterbed designed to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience.  See the  new Sensory sound Zero gravity chair that works on the same principle.

The Unconscious mind

Everything we learn whether positive or negative is stored in the unconscious and becomes a force that drives us or a resource that we can call upon as required. The transformational therapist can utilise the Aquavibe®™experience to harness the benefits of this naturally occurring phenomenon to positive effect. To find out how contact us


This unique transformational experience has had profound even life changing effects on many. Some have likened the Aquavibe®™ experience to swimming underwater in a deep peaceful ocean, others to travelling through space and time and still others to going on a personal journey of discovery.

Whatever happens you will be be relaxed while you experience it.

The power of

Through its vibrational and acoustic effects Aquavibe®™ can nourish your body by increasing blood flow and stimulating cells.It can help to release tension, tone muscles, reduce body fat and fight osteoporosis. It also encourages elimination of toxins, speeds

Sound Vibrations

repair of damaged tissue and even improves memory by actively refreshing the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain. However a primary outcome of the AquaVibe experience is the facilitation of a state of deep mind and body relaxation and as we know relaxation promotes good health..

The Aquavibe®™ experience

Imagine floating effortlessly on a waterbed with the gentle tones of sound and music rippling through the water gently massaging your whole body as it does so OR imagine laying back in comfortable chair reclined in the Zero gravity position so your feet are higher than your heart, relaxing as the gentle tones of sound and music ripple through your body dissolving tension as it does so.

Wearing a pair of headphones you both hear and feel the beautiful soundscape being played as it massages all the cells throughout your body.

Sensation is enhanced and those that take that extra step by wearing the photon light emitting glasses are dropped into a sensory pool of colour, sound and sensation.

Sensory saturation

This is sensory saturation at its best occupying three of the main communication channels of the mind, seeing, feeling and hearing. This gently entrains the senses into a harmonic synergy, freeing the mind of its usual preoccupations with the outside world, resulting in you dropping into a level of consciousness that has been likened to deep meditation.

The Zone

Here an exquisite feeling of relaxation pervades your mind and body producing a sense of freedom and focused awareness.

The state this brings is sometimes referred to as being “in the Zone”.

It is here in this inner space that people have their most interesting experiences

Fusion of Science and the Senses®™

When your body relaxes the mind becomes free from intrusive and worrisome thoughts, the autonomic nervous system responds by stabilising heart rate and breathing.

Heart rate variability stabilises, a good indicator of your relaxation level, which in turn reduces the production of stress hormones and actively promotes the production of the “feel good” hormones such as serotonin and endorphin’s.

The Technology

Nigel uses Aquavibe®™ as a delivery system for his transformational hypnotherapy and as a stress management and relaxation vehicle.

The Aquavibe®™ experience enables clients to learn new skills quickly and effortlessly through relaxation.

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Nigel is the founder of Fullspectrum Transformational Hypnotherapy, Stress management & Homoeopathic Centre in Lindfield Sussex where this technology is available.

The AquaVibe 3000 ®™ sensory sound unit (practitioners model) and the Aquavibe Mk2 (Spa model) are the next generation vibroacoustic system designed and developed by Nigel W. Hutchings for stress management, relaxation, wellbeing and mind training and are now available 2017.


We offer complimentary sessions for journalists who intend to write an article about their Aquavibe®™ experience for publication.

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