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Kirlian analysis

Kirlian photography originated in Russia in the 1930’s. It is a system of photography that uses electron avalanches to visualize an individual’s energy field radiating around the hands.

Using the JAK 3000 Kirlian Camera, digital colour photographs can be taken of this electromagnetic aura.

Meridian junctions

Due to the abundance of nerve endings and meridian junctions in the hands and fingers an electro-magnetic field is particularly strong in this area.Because of this it is possible to get meaningful information about you from the Kirlian “Aura” around your hands.

Is it scientific?

Neurologists have established that the left side of the brain deals mainly with analytical and logical thinking and the right side deals with feelings and emotional responses.

The left brain helps us name something but doesn’t help us know what it is and the right brain helps us know what it is but can’t help us name it. The dynamic balance between both sides of the brain is an important factor in determining psychological balance.

Mediated by the autonomic nervous system, our psychology influences our endocrine system which in turn affects our physiological states.

Our fight/flight reactions when thinking of perceived, rather than actual danger, is one obvious example. It is clear that our physical body relies on psychological balance and harmony for good health.

Meaning of the Kirlian Electro-graph

Because the right and left sides of the brain tend to send electrical micro pulses to the opposite sides of the body via the nervous system subsequently influencing our electromagnetic field, it is possible to see a visual representation of this activity by looking at a Kirlian electro-graph.

Acupuncturists would argue that the meridian system, like the nervous system, would also show lines of force around the hands and feet representing the flow of energy to the organs and other parts of the body.

By reading this information it is possible to understand which areas require more energy and which require less. This enables the therapist to correct imbalances and to monitor the results.

Psychological meaning of the left and right sides

The energy field pattern surrounding the right hand reflects thinking and analytical processes and the energy field pattern surrounding the left hand represents emotional and feeling responses.

This information can help us to redress imbalances, provides helpful feedback on the effects of a variety of techniques or therapies while mapping progress towards health and harmony.

What can it show?

Unfulfilled potentials, stress, both past and present, suitability of environment, job, circumstances or relationships, psychic, sensitive and healing gifts can be seen in a Kirlian electro-graph as can energy balance and energy levels.

Body and energy workers can asses energy balance which once corrected can be visually assessed again by both client and practitioner.

A positive and valuable healing reinforcement process.

What can a Kirlian Electro-graph be used for?

  • Monitoring the therapeutic effects of healing and other therapies.
  • Monitoring stress and relaxation responses
  • Assessing energy levels
  • Checking psychological and physical balance
  • Revealing and removing energy blocks
  • To see yourself in a new light
  • Introducing healing and balancing frequencies to the bio-field

Do you want your Kirlian photograph taken and analysed?

If you would you like your Kirlian Electro-graph taken and Analysed telephone the Centre 01444 487736 and make an appointment to suit you or buy a gift voucher.

After your Kirlian reading you will be given a self interpretation Kirlian hand map to help you continue your understanding of your unique experience. We will also email you a digital image of your Kirlian photograph at the time and if required post you a printed version the next day.

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