Lavender Hydrosol Flower Water Atomiser


This superb Lavender Hydrosol Flower Water Atomiser smells divine and feels lovely and soothing when misted on hot skin. Calming and relaxing organic Lavender water spray helps bring relaxing sleep, benefits skin in many ways and uplifts the senses.

Lavender flower water

Lavender Aromatic Flower Water


Lavender Hydrosol Flower Water Atomiser comes in a spray bottle that you can use in so many ways. The fragrance is relaxing and calming and perfect for spraying on your pillow to help calm sleep. Lavender hydrosol makes a sweet old fashioned skin fragrance, and uplifts your senses. You can also use it as a room spray and even while ironing to impart a subtle scent to linens.  Lavender brings the scent of a dreamy Summer's day and really helps to create the sleepy time feeling as part of a bedtime ritual.

Lavender water is naturally therapeutic for the skin and senses and so soothing and gentle. It is antibacterial and helps to unplug pores. You can use it as a skin toner that is good for bruises and mild sunburn, calms redness and cools the skin. Lavender flowers can relieve tension headaches while the lovely aroma uplifts the spirits.  Lavender hydrosol aromatic water makes a perfect gift for women during childbirth. Many women keep it in their childbirthing kit to use as a fragrant cooling relaxing and calming spray during labour.

History of Lavender Hydrosol Flower Water Atomiser

Lavender Hydrosol Flower Water Atomiser contains the finer essence of the plant, as the essential oils and other properties are finely dispersed throughout the water.  Therefore it is a subtle way to benefit from lavender's therapeutic qualities.  Scented flower petals, especially rose and lavender, were one of the first perfumes to be used in England, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st.  The ladies of the court would sew little sachets of the petals into the seams of their skirts, so that when they moved and swirled the fragrance perfumed the air.


Lavender flowers are generally antiseptic, calming, soothing and tension relieving and uplifting to the senses These fragrant flowers are used in medicines, cookery and perfumes. Aromatic waters are an excellent delivery system for their therapeutic properties as well as being quite delightful and delicious scents in their own right. Found to be useful in Acne due to its anti-microbial properties.

Use as a face spray. For cooling, healing and soothing apply to skin as required.


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